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Music Dictionary

A Music Dictionary for your mobile phone - translates music words from Italian, German, French etc. into English.

Try it for free!

Downoad it by entering the following address in your phone's Internet browser:

If you have a PC Software Suite for your phone you can download the two required files to your PC and install via IR, cable or Bluetooth: musicdictionary.jad musicdictionary.jar

(The trial version has full functionality but can only be started three times and has a one minute introduction which can not be skipped.)

To activate the program for unlimited use and no introduction, just click the button below to buy an activation code in our online store.

The dictionary consists of over 1800 entries of words and terms often found in music scores. It includes characters, dynamics and tempo descriptions, dance titles, instrument names, abbreviations etc. The whole dictionary is stored in your mobile phone so every word is immediately accessible. No need for slow and unreliable network connections. The application is using standard MIDP 1.0 and should run on any java enabled phone on the market.

Please see the User Guide for further details:
Music Dictionary v1.2 User Guide

For any kind of problems with the installing or use of the product, please email support[at]